Welcome to Guernsey. Lots to see with so little time. Let us help with the search.

What are you looking for?

Guernsey is a mosaic of engineering, architecture and consulting services.

How can we help you?

We offer a diverse range of engineering services to public and private clients.

QA Engineering

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  • clients partnered with953
  • projects completed2661
What’s the nature of your project?

Guernsey's architecture division covers a diverse range of design services.

QA Architecture

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  • clients partnered with552
  • projects in 15 years1226
Which one interests you?

Guernsey's consulting division covers a uniquely diverse range of services.

QA Consulting

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  • clients partnered with1411
  • projects in 15 years1972
What will we be collaborating on?

Since 1928, Guernsey’s foundation has been in civil engineering.

QA Engineering - Civil

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  • years of practice85
What area are you interested in?

Guernsey’s electrical engineering can handle facilities or regions.

QA Engineering - Electrical

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  • years of practice67
What kind of voltage will you need?
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A trailblazer, huh? We can relate. Since 1928 Guernsey’s been doing things our way, too.
We are a multi-discipline firm, employing engineers, architects, planners, consultants, environmental scientists, designers, analysts, accountants and managers. Our clients include federal, state and local government; military entities; utilities; Native American Tribes; universities; Fortune 500 companies; oil & gas companies; unicorns and more. Okay, so maybe not unicorns, but the rest is true, and because we offer this all under one roof, we’re able to collaborate efficiently. Thus, giving you access to expert advice in a variety of disciplines and business sectors.
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Turning 80 wasn’t so bad. It’s made Guernsey a cohesive, employee-owned firm, capable of anything you can throw at us.
  • years in business85
  • clients partnered with3112
  • countries worked in34
  • services offered17
  • charities this year14
  • # of employees degrees175
  • trade shows this year8
  • states licensed in35